During Balsall Heath Second Saturday – afternoon and evening

Join us for a weekend of original theatre devised by third year Applied Theatre students from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire

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6Ft Rule

Mee.3Meet Greenie, JJ and Dottie. 3 best friends from different walks of life. They met at a freshers event during their first year of uni and have been inseparable ever since. They laugh together, live together and cry together. They’re trying to navigate their way through the crazy world of dating, it involves what feels like endless swiping left on tinder and too many one time dinner dates. But at least they have each other, for now.

Serpent’s Gaze
Hush Hush

A Serpent’s Gaze is an unconventional twist on the Greek mythological story of Medusa and her tale of misfortune. This piece uses comedic elements such as satire, breaking the fourth wall and melodrama to capture our audiences. We will also be creating original music and exploring themes of injustice and discrimination against women.

Both Sides Now
The Other Shoe

The Other Shoe theatre company welcomes you to Both Sides Now. A story following a young black career and her elderly patient and their turbulent journey of friendship which comes with trials and tribulations of finding common ground.


Introspective Productions

Escapism immersively explores the effects on LSD on two impressionable first year students after coming out of lockdown. Through using personal lived experiences and stories, this piece aims to provide a real experience for its audience and to help break the stigmas around LSD and drug usage, whilst also allowing them to make more informed decisions in the future.
TW: Strobe Lighting, Loud Sounds, Drug Use

Through The Dark
Atlas Theatre

Through the dark is a twisted and sometimes familiar tale exploring what happens in the nighttime.

New Visions

Welcome to the community cafe, where the stories are even warmer than the coffee. In this small, immersive play, where, two women whose lives are changing quickly as the world changes around them, they’ll have to rely on their unbreakable bond to get through the challenges ahead. A moving, immersive play that explores the depths of friendship, growth, and the power of connection.

Club Clique
Clique Culture

Club Clique invites you to join us for this, our goodbye bash. To you, our misfits and queerdos alike, we bring you our biggest party to date with a chaotic cast of drag excellence to really let your authentic self-shine under the lights. Trust us, we’re going out with a bang!

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