The MIAH Foundation is now part of the ‘Balsall Heath Second Saturdays’ – a monthly mini-festival celebrating making, creativity, community, local culture and the arts held on the second Saturday of every month.

Ottoman flower motifs (or biomorphic patterns) can be found across Ottoman and Persian art, including in manuscripts, ceramics, textile and armour. The five petal flower motif was particularly popular and gives this type of art its name (penç means five in Farsi), even though some of the flowers in this style had more than five metals. Each flower also follows a basic geometric and symmetrical division.

Join us on Saturday 11th November 2023 at either 1pm or 2pm to draw Ottoman flower motifs (penç). You will learn to draw four flower motifs and then create your own either freehand or using a template.

Session 1: 1pm-2pm (please book in advance using the ‘register’ to confirm your place)

Session 2: 2pm-3pm; drop-in (advanced booking is not necessary – first-come, first-served until we reach capacity)

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