Creative writing workshop with Leila Rasheed & The Emma Press, 2pm Saturday 11 November

If you have an idea for a children’s story and are looking for some friendly support and practical encouragement, grab your pen & paper and join author Leila Rasheed and local publisher The Emma Press for a creative writing workshop. Leila will explore the joys and challenges in creating compelling literature for children, share some exercises to help get ideas flowing and offer feedback on opening pages.

Tickets £5/pay what you can, please book in advance: maximum 12 participants

Please note this workshop is aimed at adults writing for children. It is not a workshop for children.

About the workshop leader:

Leila Rasheed’s first novel for children, Chips, Beans and Limousines was published in 2008 and followed by two sequels which were widely translated. Since then, she has written a wide variety of children’s and YA literature, including the At Somerton trilogy for Disney Hyperion, and biographies of Kamala Harris and Katherine Johnson. Her most recent novel is Empire’s End: A Roman Story (Scholastic), which follows the adventures of a North African girl during the late Roman Empire. In 2015 she set up a pioneering scheme to mentor new children’s writers of colour, called Megaphone, now Megaphone Writers CIC.

The Emma Press is an independent publisher based in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter specialising in poetry, short fiction and children’s books with a mission of making publishing and literature as welcoming and accessible as possible.

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