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We invite you to start thinking about the way you move around your neighbourhood. Exploring Birmingham by bike and foot allows you to see the city differently while connecting with people and places. Many of us are amazed by the wonderful Dutch cycling culture and infrastructure in the Netherlands. However, it wasn’t always like this.

Join us at the film screening of ‘We Cycle Together’ and learn about the fantastic ways the country adapted to the influx of cars and how the Dutch society took a different turn to other big cities around the world and against all odds, people kept on cycling.

In Together we cycle, key players tell the story of the bumpy road which led to the current state. Where cycling is an obvious choice for most citizens.

The film will be followed by an open conversation with a special panel of Birmingham-based people sharing their everyday bicycle experiences and adventures. On the Panel will be

Usma Chaudry – primary school teacher, a mother, a wife, a sister and also a friend.

Esther Barnes – a mum who discovered her life changing love for cycling in Birmingham with her kids.

Cath Palgrave – cyclist, mechanic, cycle instructor, gardener, camper, gig goer, coffee and cider drinker and

Lisa Jones – Bicycle adventurer. Passionate about the outdoors, maps and travelling by bike. Chasing views, smiles and cafe stops.

Please come along for what is set to be an fun evening discovering the possibilities of travelling by bike with an inspiring cycling film screening followed by collectively sharing our experiences and bicycle stories.

Food from Change Kitchen and drinks will be available, or feel free to bring your own.

A community event @balsallheathsecondsaturday hosted by @BiclasB12 @ecobirmingham and @TheOldPrintWorks EVERYONE WELCOME!

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