The GAP Gallery

About the exhibition:

Identity, connection, nature, power – these are the themes explored through Jaden’s artwork in this exhibition, highlighting the importance of representation in carving your own identity. ‘From the Same Cup’ asks questions, encouraging visitors to see themselves in the painted faces before considering how the personal can also be universal. Through detailed portraits of familiar and unfamiliar faces, morphed with natural elements and animal features, this exhibition
highlights how power is found in our shared traits. A power that can be harnessed to
improve and heal the fractures our world suffers.

About the artist:

‘Art is my life, my joy, my passion and my superpower.’

Jaden Brown is a young Balsall Heath-based artist who specialises in portraits.
His work has been exhibited at the Birmingham Hippodrome and
he has been involved in BBC One’s Children in Need. Inspired by Hyperrealism and Surrealism, Jaden has worked tirelessly to create an expansive and powerful body of work that explores identity, community and culture. ‘From the Same Cup’ showcases his ability to handle his materials to capture the inner spirit of his subjects, aiming to inspire viewers to think about their own identity and creativity.

About the curator:

Isra Kausar is a Birmingham-based creative studying History of Art and Classical Studies. Alongside her studies, she experiments with her own artworks – most recently in Islamic patterns – and writes regular blog posts and reviews of exhibitions and art events around the city. She has also run creative workshops and curated exhibitions at The Old Print Works.

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