Join us at the Old Print Works for the community screening of A Bedroom For Everyone, a new film commissioned by Ed Webb-Ingall, currently showing at Grand Union 1pm-4pm The Drawing Room, The Old Print Works

Taking inspiration from Leeds Animation Workshop’s powerful short animation ‘Home and Dry’ from 1987, which remains strikingly relevant today, ‘A Bedroom for Everyone’ serves as a sequel of sorts, shifting our focus to the current housing crises and the essential role of grassroots organizing. It prompts us to reflect on the progress we have made and the work that still lies ahead. 💪🏠⁠
The script of this animation was crafted collaboratively with members from four inspiring activist and community groups: Save Druids Heath and Acorn Union from Birmingham, Akwaaba Social Centre for Migrants and Housing Action Southwark & Lambeth from London. By incorporating the voices and perspectives of those with lived experience of the housing crisis, the film acts as a powerful resource, inspiring individuals to seek out local groups, lend a helping hand, raise awareness, and contribute to the cause. It is a testament to the strength of collective action and the transformative potential it holds. 🌍❤️⁠
We invite you to engage with ‘A Bedroom for Everyone’ as a resource that can be shared with anyone interested or engaged in housing struggles. Reach out to us at if you would like to showcase this impactful film in your community setting. Let’s empower one another, raise our voices, and ignite positive change. Together, we can make housing a fundamental right for all. 📧🎉 Available in Arabic, English, Polish, and Spanish. 🌍🌟 ⁠
Made by: ⁠
With support from: ⁠
The Women Asylum Seekers Housing Project⁠
Generously funded by: ⁠

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