Introduction to Geometric Patterns: Breath of the Compassionate

2pm-3:30pm | Sat 9th December 2023 | MIAH Gallery | 496 Moseley Road Balsall Heath B12 9AH

Our next event is part of the Balsall Heath Second Saturday programme – a monthly mini-festival celebrating making, creativity, community, local culture and the arts held on the second Saturday of every month. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a maths lover, or simply curious about the beauty of patterns, this event is for you!

Join us for this introductory workshop where Rumina Parveen will delve into the intricate designs and symmetrical wonders that grace designs from across the Muslim world.

This workshop is based on the four-fold pattern called the Breath of the Compassionate (al-Nafas al-Rahman). It is often associated with the Muslim philosopher Ibn Arabi. The pattern symbolises harmony and unity, which are shown through the expansion of the khatams and then compresses back into a cross.

Who is this course for? All levels of ability are welcome. Suitable for age 9-99 years. All materials are provided.

To ensure accessibility, we are not charging a specific amount for this event. We ask that you ‘pay what you feel’. If you are able to, we suggest a donation of £5 or more.

Image: Lustre tiles from Iran, probably Kashan (1262). Accession No 1837&A, C, E, F-1876, Victoria & Albert Museum

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